Shauna Griffiths

Shauna Griffiths is a top graduate student from Blanche MacDonald in 2021. Originally from Newfoundland, she moved to Vancouver with intentions of opening her own business in fashion design. Shauna is the Miss Canada 2018 titleholder and believes that her life in pageantry has been a true inspiration in her new career.

In her last year since graduation, she has since opened her own brand- SG Designs- which focuses on high women’s fashion garments, favouring vintage silhouettes, a splash of retro and a dash of class.

She has shown three collections, locally at the VIFF Fashion Show and Vancouver Fashion Week- “Resort Couture”, “RollerGxrl” and “Pastel Dreams”.  Her work has been featured in both Flannel and TopPosters magazine.

Shauna’s love language is colour and she expresses her creativity by combining elegance & class with a twist of funk and flare. Her true inspiration is nature and is often captured by florals and natural colours. She devotes herself to her style and  her passion lies within the drapery of a handcrafted piece.

Can be found on Instagram @sgriffiths13 @rollergxrl

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